Hi my friend,

I am Rogelio Diaz, an experienced Shadow Workand Business Coach.

By providing clients with the right tools and knowledge, I am able to help clients unleash their potential, paving the way towards both their personal and professional success. 


You are beyond what you perceive your potential is.

You hold the key to living your dream life and creating the person you know deep down you must be.

If your current reality does not match how you would like to internally feel, there must be changes made. 

You see - If you want your life to change, things in your life have to change.

I am here to be a guide and assist on shedding light to those changes.

I am a firm believer every day should be the best day of your life.


Coaching Programs


You Are Powerful (Life-Purpose) 8 Week Group Coaching

(Only 15 Spots Available)

This 8 Week Group Coaching Program Will Assist You In:

  • Releasing limiting beliefs & blockages that are currently preventing you from achieving your goals

  • Connecting with your higher-self & intuition more than ever before

  • Gaining clarity & fully aligning with your life's purpose

8 Week Topic Overview Program:

Week 1 - Core Values

Week 2 - Know Who You Are

Week 3 - Life-Purpose

Week 4 - Be Grateul, But Never Satisfied

Week 5 - Self-Love & Self-Care

Week 6 - Life-Fulfillment

Week 7 - The Dark Night Of The Soul

Week 8 - Appreciation & Gratitude

1:1 Monthly Coaching With Rogelio Diaz

(Only 10 Spots Available)

When You Enroll In My Monthly Coaching Program You'll Receive:

  • 75 Minute Weekly Zoom Session Where We Stragically Create A Personalized Plan With Step-By-Step Actions To Aid You In Achieving All You Desire. As Well Resolve As Any Bloackages, Limiting Beliefs, And Challenges You May Be Experiencing At The Moment

  • 30 Minute Weekly Power Calls Where We Track Your Current Progression, Discuss New Barriers, And Assess

  • Full Recording Of Both Sessions For You To Have At Your Disposal.

  • Access To Me Personally Through Direct Messaging

  • Free Access To New Products

  • Free Access To Live Events 

  • Free Access To Dark Warriors Reunited (Online Spiritual Community) 


My Gift To You

If right now, you feel dazed or uncertain as to the way life has been unfolding for you...

...Don't worry.

I know life can be tricky at times my friend. We can be going through our darkest moments and forget how powerful we are. Fighting In The Dark is specifically designed to help you come back to your Center, Remember Who You Are, and Activate Your True Innate abilities (and so much more). 

Download Free Audiobook "Fighting In The Dark"


Products And Services

How Can I Be A Guide?

Dark Warriors Reunited Community

The Bridge To Finding Your Soul Tribe And Discovering Your Soul Family

When you feel overwhelmed or as if life has drained every last ounce of your energy - We Are Here.

When you feel you can not hold yourself any second longer - We Are Here.

When you feel you have no sense of direction or it is challenging to find meaning in life for the moment - We Are Here.

When your Spirit feels broken and damaged - We Are Here.


Book A One-On-One     Life/Bussiness Session With Rogelio Diaz

All I Am Is A Guide

Every session is always tailored specifically for you & what you would like assistance with.
All I am is a guide for you my friend - It is you who holds all the power within.
Let’s work together to release limiting beliefs, subconscious blocks, or anything you feel is no longer serving in your life.
If you’re an Entrepreneur & would like guidance as to which route to progress with your business, create clients, or build your brand - I would love to work with you as well.
Allow me to be your guide & help you find clarity on what your next step is.




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